What comes after you close?

Now the real work begins.

FortéOne won't leave you with a to-do list.

We work with you side-by-side to implement your plan.

Our projections for EBITA growth?

They're 100% guaranteed.

We're there with you for a full year after close.

We don’t make empty promises. We stick around to ensure your success.


Building the foundation
for continuous growth


A team of experts working
beside you in the trenches


Guarantee you’ll reach our
projected EBITA growth

100 days isn’t enough time to create value. Our plan spans the full first year.

What can you expect the first year?

Establish strategic pricing for products and customers

Company focus on high lifetime value clients

Sales Targets, KPI’s and Real Time Dashboard

Drive Product innovations that bring competitive advantage

Build financial and data systems that measure and predict key aspects of performance

Establish measurable goals at every level of the company

Establish and train capable leaders throughout the company

Build and train end-to-end SIOP processes

Ensure all current technology is configured and staff is trained

Establish a technology plan that leverages client-facing service

Assure systems and data security

Guaranteed EBITDA growth

In the past two years, our clients have experienced an average annualized return on investment greater than 4 to 1.

Our Goals for You

We are not here to make incremental changes nor settle for “good enough.” We’re going to push you farther than you ever expected to go.

A customer-centric business that provides unmatched value

Greater returns and accelerated growth

Continuous evolution toward category leadership

An innovative perspective that challenges traditional boundaries

FortéOne is a team of 65 middle market operating partners with an average C-suite tenure of 20+ years.

We’re not clipboard consultants. We come from industry. 

We’ve been in your shoes and know exactly what you’re dealing with.

What makes FortéOne Accelerator Diligence different?

5 Key Differences

Comprehensive Diligence that includes critical external AND internal drivers of value

Forward-Looking Focus to ensure you achieve or exceed the Investment Thesis

Guarantee that you’ll reach our committed level of EBITA growth

A Team Working with You to lead and implement the plan and ensure success

Long-Term Partnership with resources to drive continuous business evolution

90+% of our business comes from repeat or referral clients

Possible Hurdles

You’re founder-friendly and don’t want to offend leadership

We believe founder-friendly means giving leadership the support and tools they need to succeed. We work WITH your team to get everyone on board with the change process and maintain continuous communication as we move forward.

You don’t see the need for ongoing support

Bringing in help when problems arise is only going to get you so far. To maximize value, you need continuous support driving change and evolution from the inside out.

Any increase in value is good enough

It may feel less risky to maintain a hands-off presence and hope for the best. But what if your success was guaranteed? With FortéOne, it is. While you concentrate on finding your next investment, we’re on the inside, making sure your returns are better than expected.

You’ve never worked with a company like FortèOne. Why should you trust us?

Don’t take our word for it. Check out our real results and testimonials from real clients. More than 90% of our business comes from repeat or referral clients.

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