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If we don’t meet or exceed our projections for annualized EBITDA growth, we’ll refund the difference or continue working (at no additional cost) until we do.

In the past two years, our clients have experienced an average annualized return on investment greater than 4 to 1.

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FortéOne Client Results

I think the growth is really what we’ve wanted to achieve. We stepped up. We created the change under FortéOne’s direction. […] It was amazing. It was like the floodgates opened up with new ideas.

Norm Dumbroff, CEO
Distribution Company

We’ve had great stability brought in to the sales and marketing function and rapid improvements…On the more intangible side, some of these situations can be dicey from a cultural standpoint and that’s one of the primary reasons why I’ve grown very comfortable with FortéOne and the team and the people.

The softer side of culture during a transition can be very fragile and I think FortéOne has proven through a number of engagements with us that they connect with that and they do a really good job of worrying about it. In each instance, it’s worked better than I would have anticipated given the challenges.

Steve Vivian
Private Equity

FortéOne stands out in a crowded field of consultants with real experience and unique solutions for each customer.

When INTREN wanted to assess and streamline our operations to prepare for success and growth in 2020 and beyond, FortéOne brought an outstanding team to work with us that were customer-focused, innovative, and always accessible. They helped us look at our organization holistically and provided tools to assess our people, our systems and our processes.

FortéOne team members immersed themselves with our teams throughout the process and didn’t stop until they could recommend executable solutions. I was impressed by their thoughtful questions and how deeply they explored the many different facets of our organization They made us think in new ways and consider variables we may not have prior to their engagement. I highly recommend them.

Kelly Tomblin, CEO
Utility Services Provider

We hired FortéOne to improve our efficiency and profitability. Their consultants were excellent, and not what we expected. They all had years of hands-on experience, so it was natural for them to work alongside our staff, and everyone enjoyed working with them.

The results were impressive. We gained more than $2MM in incremental profit, and many improved processes that have become an important part of how we operate as a company. As a former CFO, I would say the Price/Value with FortéOne was off the charts. I recommend them without reservations!

Mike Segretti, President
$85MM Construction Services Company

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